HANDASIYAH is an innovative Engineering & Energy Services provider to the Building Industry, promoting Green Building awareness, and assisting Building Developers to implement Sustainable Energy methods.

As an Engineering company, HANDASIYAH, has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions to the Construction industry throughout the GCC. HANDASIYAH is expanding on that reputation by adding additional products & services in areas including power, renewable and sustainable energy, and smart buildings solutions.

Products & Services

HANDASIYAH can carry out the following services:

  • Supply of Mechanical products for Building services
  • OEM Supplies for HVAC manufacturers
  • Cooling Towers Reconstruction & Thermal Upgrade
  • Consultancy services for renewable energy systems
  • Start Up & Training

In-House Capabilities

As an Engineering company, HANDASIYAH employs the most talented and highly qualified engineers. All of our projects have the support of a well-structured team of Professional Engineers.

In addition, most of our staff are trained on the products that we sell. This knowledge was built through years of work and experience. We also conduct an in-house training for all the technical team to keep the team updated with the latest technologies and industry standards.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, and our longstanding client relationships built through many years of outstanding quality and integrity.


Our client’s satisfaction is a constant measure of achievement for our team. While there is no doubt that this satisfaction is due to our commitment to our clients, it is also directly related to the values through which HANDASIYAH manages its operation. These include:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Individual Contribution
  • Reliability
  • Strong Work Ethics